The Top Ten Things You Need In Your Car Right Now!

Stay alert while driving in the summer heat



You don’t have to be a prepper to be prepared. Here’s The Top Ten Things You Need In Your Car, a list that covers the bare minimum you should always carry in your car. We’ve designed it with everyday emergencies in mind, but not to enable you to survive a zombie apocalypse of World War III.  For those situations, you’d do better off investing in an electric, self-charging tank with a built in hydro garden for oxygen and food supply.

NO. 1 Your Cell Phone. Sure, it’s obvious, but there are plenty of people who leave home without it. Your cell phone should be programmed with the following numbers set for quick dial: your area’s equivalent of 911; your emergency car/towing service (Like AAA); your significant other’s numbers; your parent’s numbers; and of course, your lawyer’s numbers. You should also enable the app to allow your cellphone to be tracked. Yes, I know this sounds like a huge invasion of privacy, but the ability of law enforcement to track your phone will be made easier and more accurate with this feature enabled, and that just might save your life.

NO 2. A Mobile Phone Charger: If your car battery fails on a lonely highway, you’ll be glad you brought this.

NO. 3 A Well-Stocked, Emergency Safety Kit: Go beyond basic here. Your kit (and you may have to buy a starter and add to it, should contain at least: flashlight, first aid kit, booster cable, matches, protein bars, gum to chew to keep you alert, and some form of emergency caffeine for the same reason.

NO. 4 A Six Pack of Bottled Water: If you run out of gas on a hot summer day, it’s important to say hydrated. You should always carry at least 2 water bottles per passenger.

NO. 5 A Solar Powered Crank-Able Radio/Emergency Light with blinking capacity. These are cheap on Amazon, and the multi-function can really help in a variety of situations.

NO. 6 A Cardboard Sun-Shade for Your Dash. This can also be used for traction behind your wheels if you get stuck in mud or snow, and you can flip it to the non-reflective side and write emergency messages on the brown card board side like, “GET HELP!” if you have…

NO. 7 Red and Black Poster Size Sharpies. See No. 6. above.

NO. 8 Credit Card and Emergency Cash of at least $50.00. Some tow truck companies do not take credit cards, and the same goes for some mini-marts and gas stations.

NO. 9 An Umbrella and Rain Poncho. If you have to hike it in the rain, you’ll be glad you have these.

NO. 10 Spare Clothes, Including Sweat shirts and Sweaters. Delay a trip to the Goodwill a season or two and keep a bag of warm clothes and maybe a t-shirt or two in your car. If you get wet, you’ll have a spare, plus the sweat shirts and sweaters can sub as a blanket in cold weather.