The Read Law Firm: Personal Injury Lawyers

 WE ARE PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATORS: We represent people injured by others, assaulted by relatives and strangers, AND injured when a landlord, bar, or host is negligent in keeping up the premises or fails to insure they are safe.

CONTACT US IF: You Have an Injury, Claim or Problem Involving or Requiring: Car, Truck, Plane or Train Accidents; Injury on Premises Owned by Others; Victim’s Rights or Victim Advocacy; Whistle-blower; Personal Injury; Consumer Advocacy; Premises Liability; Medical Malpractice or Wrongful Death.

FIRM PHILOSOPHY: We restrict the size of our practice so we can give our clients the personal service they deserve. Towards this purpose, we also strive to balance our hourly client roster with our contingency personal injury roster of clients. This allows us to maintain the firm’s overall financial health and put our clients first. Clients know we are accessible and responsive to their inquiries. We believe that by giving personal attention to the details of each client’s case, we optimize both their financial returns and their overall level of satisfaction.

WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK FOR IN A  LAWYER?: Personal injury clients should look for lawyers who are upfront about their chances for success, and what the breakdown of any settlement will be, including projected expenses, medical liens and attorneys’ fees. A reputable attorney will meet with you initially for free, however the second meeting maybe the one that tells you the most about the law firm. In that second meeting, make sure you have adequate time to discuss your case with your lawyer. If you are passed off to a paralegal or associate, you may want to rethink your relationship.

For contract and business clients, again, the attorney should be upfront and realistic about your chances for success versus potential liability exposure, expenses and fees. All the risks of litigation should be explained, including the potential for any counter or cross claims Additionally, you should review your bills to make sure that you are not being billed for partner and associate hours for the same work. Finally, you should look for an attorney who has previous experience in the type of claim, contract or venture, you are pursuing. You do not want to pay for someone to reinvent the wheel.

THE ROLE OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE IN CASES: Local knowledge is a significant factor to be considered when making strategic decisions like where to file a lawsuit. The attorneys at The Read Law Firm practice all over metro-Atlanta and have built working relationships with other attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement over their 30+ years of practice. For areas where they are unfamiliar with the judges or opposing counsel, they network with other attorneys to ascertain strategies based on local venues.

INFORMATION PROVIDED IN A FREE CONSULTATION: In a free phone consultation, the attorneys at The Read Law Firm, P.C. can usually obtain enough information to decide if the matter is something that would benefit from a person-to-person meeting, or if it something that the firm may not handle or be able to handle at that time. In situations where we cannot help the caller, we always try to give them the names of three other lawyers in the area who may be willing to talk to them and take their case.

HOW DOES THE READ LAW FIRM DIFFER FROM OTHER ATTORNEYS IN OUR COMMUNITY?: We believe that our commitment to keeping our practice client-centric so that we can give each of our clients our absolute best differentiates us from other law firms.  We will not take your case if we do not believe that we have the time to go at it 100%.

OUR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:  We are very involved in Rockdale County, and the surrounding areas in Georgia.  The firm has been at its present location for over 18 years, and TK has lived in Rockdale County for almost 32+ years. Her husband, Richard Read, was the district attorney here for 19 years, and presently serves as a State Court Judge in Rockdale County State Court. All three of their children attended public schools.  Our oldest graduated from U.G.A., the middle one is a third year law student at Mercer University of Law, and the youngest graduated from Georgia Tech with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. She is currently in Sparks, Nevada working on electric car batteries at the Tesla Giga Factory.  Can you say, “House Divided?”